Writing Coaching

Personalized, project-based partnership and guidance to help you along your writing journey

A Trusty Companion

Writing can be a lonely, difficult process.

At Ink Blotter, Elena K. Abbott firmly believes that it doesn't have to be — and that it shouldn't be.  

Online and in person, Elena offers:






Compassionate feedback

Sometimes the hardest part of writing projects is designing a sustainable, organized approach that will guarantee your success and your sanity.

And sometimes the hardest part is the writing itself.

A game plan

to set you up for success.

Are you a scholar, entrepreneur, or author who needs to balance the process of writing a book with the demands of your full-time career?

Is it time to extend your reach, sharing your unique expertise and perspective?

Do you have a story you're ready to tell but you're not sure of the best way to tackle it?

A hand

to keep you going strong.

Do you need regular support, accountability, and extrinsic motivation to write effectively?

Would useable strategies and effective writing methods help you achieve your writing goals?

Are you a writer who would benefit from regular feedback on your work to ensure you're moving in the right direction?​​​

Whether it's a one-time session to get you "unstuck" or an ongoing partnership, Elena offers professional guidance to help you complete your project — at any stage of the process.


Writing Coaching Options

Your work. Your process. Your goals.

Together, we'll brainstorm, problem solve, and craft... giving you the accountability and support​ you need to write effectively.

What you'll get:​

  • A compassionate—yet critical—writing professional

  • Verbal feedback on 5 double-spaced pages read in advance

  • Recap video after each session with specific “next steps"


         Breakthrough Session, $175

~ One 75-minute session to overcome a specific hurdle

Power Partnerships

Paying out-of-pocket*:

~ Four 60-minute sessions, $500

~ Ten 60-minute sessions, $1000

Payment through your institution*:

~ Four 60-minute sessions, $600

~ Ten 60-minute sessions, $1100

* All clients paying out-of-pocket will be provided with an invoice and W-9 as needed for reimbursement. Institutional rates will apply if any additional paperwork is needed to start our work together. 

Let's get started with a FREE 30-min. consultation.

Looking for a structured planning session
to transform your great idea into a feasible project?

Check out Ink Blotter's

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