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Ink Blotter's editing services ensure that your business or organization's professional communications are clear, engaging, and error free.

Ink Blotter's projects include:

White papers & research reports

Annual reports, books, ebooks

Marketing copy & websites

Ink Blotter's clients include:

Business owners

International non-profits

Marketing/website professionals

Editing Services

Copy Editing (basic)

  • Catch faulty grammar and correct spelling and usage errors

  • Ensure capitalization and spelling preferences are consistent throughout

  • Ensure document adheres to preferred style guidelines

Copy Editing (intensive)

  • Improve the flow and pacing of your prose

  • Eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies

  • Clarify concepts and ensure continuity

  • Suggest alternatives for awkward sentences, industry-specific jargon, and more effective reader engagement


  • A final pass to ensure that nothing is out of place when your words go to print

  • Available before and/or after final layout

  • Available in Word, Google Docs, Pages, or Adobe

"Elena’s sharp editing was essential to the success of our team’s lengthy and esoteric report. She has the requisite attention to detail and thorough grammatical fluency for complicated editing assignments such as this one. I would work with her again without hesitation."

—Andrew Harmon, Associate Director of Communications, The Nature Conservancy

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