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Editing Services

Ensure that your business or organization's professional communications are clear, engaging, and error free. 

Put your best foot forward.

Ink Blotter's projects include:

White papers & research reports

Annual reports, books, ebooks

Marketing copy & websites

Ink Blotter's clients include:

Business owners

International non-profits

Marketing/website professionals

Editing Services

Copy Editing (basic)

  • Catch faulty grammar and correct spelling and usage errors

  • Ensure capitalization and spelling preferences are consistent throughout

  • Ensure document adheres to preferred style guidelines

Copy Editing (intensive)

  • Improve the flow and pacing of your prose

  • Eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies

  • Clarify concepts and ensure continuity

  • Suggest alternatives for awkward sentences, industry-specific jargon, and more effective reader engagement


  • A final pass to ensure that nothing is out of place when your words go to print

  • Available before and/or after final layout

  • Available in Word, Google Docs, Pages, or Adobe

Editing Sevices

Let's get started with a FREE 30-minute consultation.

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