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Meet Ink Blotter

Helping authors and entrepreneurs harness their words, share their vision, and make an impact

Elena K. Abbott, Ph.D.

  • Professional editor & publishing consultant

  • Presentation & writing coach

  • Communications consultant

  • Author & Historian

Elena believes in great stories and effective writing, and she is committed to filling the world with both. She partners with fiction and non-fiction authors bringing their books to life, thought leaders developing inspiring content, and international non-profits producing reports that will change the world.

Elena earned her Ph.D. in history from Georgetown University in Washington, DC., and she is a proud member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild.

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Learn more about Elena's writing and historical scholarship by visiting her at

Beacons of Liberty Book Cover and Order Now Link

International Free Soil and the Fight
for Racial Justice in Antebellum America



(Available now from Cambridge University Press)

Broad Expertise


Dedicated to impactful writing and clear communication, Elena specializes in helping clients put their best foot forward with every word they write.


Here are just a few ways that Ink Blotter can help:

A Personalized Approach


Elena works with you to ensure that your project goals are met and that you are proud and excited about your final product. 

Most importantly? She is all about helping you find joy and confidence in the process.


Everyone has different needs, preferences, and goals, and Elena firmly believes that these are all most effectively met by cultivating a comfortable, productive, and trusting partnership. Ink Blotter is here to be your critical, yet compassionate, companion.

Experienced Guidance


In addition to supporting industry leaders and non-profit teams, Elena works closely with scholar-authors from diverse fields and backgrounds at research universities and liberal arts colleges around the world.

Here are just a few places her clients work:

  • University of Washington

  • University of California (Berkeley, Davis, San Diego, Irvine, Riverside)

  • Yale University

  • Columbia University

  • University of Colorado

  • Pennsylvania State University

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Tulane University

  • Amherst College

  • Cambridge University

  • Northwestern University

  • University of Kansas

And many more!


She has experience working with manuscripts under contract with or published by a range of scholarly presses, including:

  • Cambridge University Press

  • Princeton University Press

  • Stanford University Press 

  • Oxford University Press

  • UNC Press

  • University of Pennsylvania Press

  • MIT Press

  • Duke University Press

  • University of Georgia Press

  • University of Minnesota Press

From navigating the pressures of publishing to developing outstanding book projects, Elena is always excited to support new and exciting projects from early career and established scholars.

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