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Elena K. Abbott, Ph.D.


Elena K. Abbott believes in great stories and effective writing, and she is committed to filling the world with both.

  • Professional editor

  • Writer & writing coach

  • Consultant

Elena earned her Ph.D. in History from Georgetown University in Washington, DC., and is a proud member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild.

Learn more about Elena's writing and historical scholarship by visiting her at

Broad Expertise


Dedicated to good writing and clear communication, Elena specializes in helping clients put their best foot forward with every word they write.


Here are just a few ways that Ink Blotter can help:

  • Copy or line editing your book or report

  • Crafting content for your website

  • Helping you develop your book concept

  • Developing your brand message

A Personalized Approach


Elena works with you to ensure that your project goals are met and that you are proud and excited about your final product.


Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to working with an editor. 


Elena is committed to cultivating a comfortable and productive partnership with you based on your individual goals, working style, and timeframe. 

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