Line Editing
& Copy Editing

Professional line editing and copy editing ensure that your writing works


With Ink Blotter by your side, you can feel confident that your writing is clear, your words flow, and your ideas pop.

An intensive line-by line review to help your prose fire on all fronts.

An eagle-eye review of the technical elements of your writing.  

Line Editing

In-depth, line-by-line editing is all about refining your prose and making sure that it resonates with your intended audience.

At Ink Blotter, Elena K. Abbott transforms your prose so it sounds just like you'd hoped — in your voice.

  • Improve the flow and pacing of your prose

  • Eliminate redundancies and inconsistencies

  • Clarify concepts and ensure continuity

  • Smooth out awkward sentences

  • Copy edit to polish and perfect

Who is it best for?

Authors who have already resolved any underlying issues with plot, characterization, style, and structure. 

Cost: From $0.03–$0.05 per word

Copy Editing

When it's time for that final pass...

Who It's For

  • Are you sending your work to an agent or publisher?

  • Are you submitting your finalized article to a peer-reviewed journal?

  • Are you self-publishing your manuscript?

For authors ready to perfect their manuscript and ensure it's in pristine condition,
copy editing is a must.

What It's For

  • Catch faulty grammar and correct spelling and usage errors

  • Ensure capitalization and spelling preferences are consistent throughout

  • Ensure document adheres to preferred style guidelines

Copy editing produces polished prose free of pesky and distracting technical errors.

Cost: From $0.02—$0.035 per word

Nobody likes a messy manuscript.

Put your best foot forward.


Not sure if your manuscript is where it needs to be in terms of
plot, characterization, or overall structure?

Consider a Developmental Review.

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