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Individual Presentation Coaching

One-on-one presentation and public speaking support, from keynote development and performance coaching to general skill-building

Create impact.
Inspire change.

Every time you take the stage you have the opportunity to connect, engage, and motivate through the power of story.


Whether you want to change minds, generate enthusiasm, take on the world, or just connect with others, public speaking is a powerful tool.

Ink Blotter is here to help you present like a pro and find joy in the process. 

  • Learn to write for the spoken voice

  • Develop transformative storytelling skills

  • Practice dynamic vocal moderation

  • Craft structured, purposeful presentations of any length

  • Find your inner confidence to calm your nerves

Presence. Passion. Poise.

Who you are:

  • A thought leader sharing a powerful vision 

  • A senior executive seeking strong storytelling skills

  • An entrepreneur ready to connect with clarity & confidence

  • An up-and-coming speaker defining your personal brand 

  • Early career & public scholars developing their public-speaking and presentation skills  

What you need:

  • To feel aligned and confident when sharing your vision 

  • To create an impact through strong delivery skills

  • To build stronger relationships and authentic connection

What we can work on:

  • Presentation content & core message development

  • Impact Storytelling / Executive Storytelling

  • Delivery techniques & practice

  • Body language analysis & development

  • Effective mindset for positive engagement 

From developing your presentation to practicing your delivery skills, Ink Blotter can step in at any stage of your process. 


~ 1-hour virtual session: $200

~ 4 pack (4 1-hr virtual sessions): $700 

~ 10 pack (10 1-hr virtual sessions): $1500

~ On-site executive-level coaching: please reach out to explore options and pricing based on your specific needs and goals.

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