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Brand Messaging

Ink Blotter's signature consultation strategy to develop a consistent, powerful voice for your business

Brand Evolution

Who you are

  • A passionate business owner ready to share your vision

  • A building brand ready to claim your power 

  • A 3–5 year-old business ready to to expand and grow 

  • An entrepreneur ready to lead through mission and values

  • A mission-driven business in the midst of transformation

What you need

  • To feel aligned and confident in your brand 

  • To grow your brand by connecting with your ideal clients

  • To create an impact with powerful, authentic messaging

  • To build stronger relationships around your values

  • To find voice and clarity for the full scope of your work

What you'll get

  • A 4-hr Guided Brand Messaging Intensive

    • Pinpoint your mission, vision, and values

    • Identify your ideal client, key benefits, and brand position

    • Develop cohesive messaging to use across platforms

    • Hone your brand voice and value proposition

    • Includes a usable brand document to guide your growth

  • A 2-hr Customized Website Intensive

    • Learn to translate your brand messaging into strategic website content

    • Create an action plan for delivering a structured and effective user conversion experience

  • 4 hours of Power Partnership coaching sessions to help you craft content and launch your messaging in real time

  • An actionable understanding of how to consistently connect with clients that bring you joy and fuel your growth

Pricing: $2500 (virtual experience)

*When we're not in a global pandemic, Elena offers opportunities for a brand evolution in your headquarters, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Reach out for a customized consultation and quote.

Let's get started with a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Quick Start

"It was an absolute delight to work with Elena. Her energy, enthusiasm, compassion and talents with words resulted in a session that far exceeded my expectations. Elena has a gift for genuinely connecting with people. I felt so powerfully understood and supported in unearthing the words that capture the passion and purpose of the work I’ve set out to do... if you have struggled in any way to articulate your own vision or mission- Elena’s the one to work with!"

—Jena Sharma, Chief Inspiration Officer,, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Brand Messaging Quick Start
A One-to-One Virtual Experience

Who you are

  • A passionate business owner ready to share your vision

  • A new brand ready to establish your mission and values 

  • A 3–5 year-old business needing alignment 

What you need

  • To feel confident and clear in your brand messaging

  • To identify and connect with your ideal client

  • To convert more leads with consistent communication

What you'll get

  • 3-hour guided Brand Messaging Session

    • Pinpoint your mission, vision, and values

    • Identify your ideal client, key benefits and brand position

    • Learn the skills of consistent messaging

  • A usable document to guide your brand 

  • An actionable understanding of how to connect with the clients that bring you joy

Pricing: $750

Let's get started with a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Image by Nick Morrison

"I felt stuck in my business. I was spinning my wheels on social media and spending WAY too much time editing my website trying to communicate my value and expertise. I reached out to Elena for help and she OVER-delivered. The thoughtful questions she asked really helped me hone in on my ideal clients, what and how I want to communicate to them, and how to highlight my unique superpowers so that I feel confident sharing them! I came away from our session with focus and specific ways to implement her recommendations. After working with Elena, I have a website I’m proud of, and now enjoy creating content for my customers instead of dreading it like I was before! I can’t recommend Elena enough!!"

—Dr. Samantha Chernak, Emerald Physical Therapy & Pilates, Seattle, WA


Virtual Workshops and Online Courses


No events scheduled at this time.

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Private Workshops

Perfect for any group of passionate solo-preneurs, Ink Blotter's signature 2-hr Building Your Brand workshop offers a deep dive into the how-to's of building an authentic brand message to connect you with your ideal client.

  • Real estate brokerages 

  • Business mastermind groups 

  • Professional organizations or networks 


"Elena is amazing! Our session together was full of tears, laughter and careful crafting of my brand messaging. I am so happy I got the chance to have such an amazing experience with her. If you are a business owner looking to fine tune your voice to the world I highly recommend Elena. She took the words from my heart and carefully crafted them to a clear message that would resonate with my ideal client."

—Shayla Platt, Realtor at Hamilton Realty Advisors, Tallahassee, FL

Do you know your brand, inside and out?

Build your brand with Ink Blotter.

Let's get started with a FREE 30-minute consultation.

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