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     Professional, personal support to ensure that your writing is clear, your narrative works, and your ideas pop.

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Ink Blotter is here to help your words resonate.

Elena K. Abbott, PhD

Editor, Writer, Writing Coach

Ink Blotter Seattle was founded by Elena K. Abbott, Ph.D., to help craft effective projects and tell compelling stories. Partnering with fiction and non-fiction writers, academic scholars, non-profit organizations, and small- to mid-sized businesses, Elena ensures that you produce your best possible work—in your own voice.

Based in Seattle, WA, but active throughout the United States, Elena is a professional  editor, writing coach, and consultant for  authors  and businesses. 


Everyone has different needs, preferences, and goals, and Elena firmly believes that these are all most effectively met by cultivating a comfortable, productive, and trusting partnership. Ink Blotter is here to be your critical, yet compassionate, companion.

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