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Professional editing ensures that your writing works, whether you are producing a short story, a compelling article, your next novel, or new scholarship. 


With Ink Blotter by your side, you can feel confident that your writing is clear, your narrative works, and your ideas pop.

Copy Editing / Line Editing

At Ink Blotter, Elena Abbott can help you refine and polish your writing with an intensive line-by-line review. Line editing will catch faulty grammar, flag unclear passages and redundancies, ensure your work conforms to your preferred style guidelines, and smooth out awkward sentences. 

Developmental Editing and Review

Does your novel have great components that need help coming together?

Are you tackling a daunting academic project that needs a more effective thesis or structure?

   Are you looking for "next steps" guidance for your chapter, your manuscript, or your short story? 

Developmental editing takes a "big picture" view of your project.

Identify and overcome common writing roadblocks, develop your message, strengthen your structure, and ensure that your narrative is "firing on all fronts."

Fiction and Nonfiction

Ink Blotter offers 4 developmental services:

Full manuscript or chapter review

One-on-one coaching

Creating Your Hook: Interactive Review

Build Your Book

Developmental editing helps you produce effective writing.

Writing and Project Coaching

Sometimes the hardest part of writing projects is designing a sustainable, organized approach that will guarantee your success and your sanity. And sometimes the hardest part is the writing itself.


Whether it's a one-time session to get you "unstuck" or an ongoing partnership, Ink Blotter offers professional writing coaching to help you complete your project.

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Need a Game Plan​?

Are you a scholar, entrepreneur, or author who needs to balance the process of writing a book with the demands of your full-time career?

Is it time to extend your professional reach with a book sharing your unique expertise and perspective?

Do you have a story you're ready to tell but you're not sure of the best way to tackle it?

Let's set you up for success.

Build Your Book

Need a Hand?

Do you need regular support, accountability, and extrinsic motivation to write effectively?

Would useable strategies and effective writing methods help you achieve your writing goals?

Are you a writer who would benefit from regular (compassionate) critique of your work to ensure that you are moving in the right direction?​​

Let's keep you going strong.

Write with Confidence

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