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Group Presentation Coaching

Content development, performance coaching, and presentation support for groups and teams

Make magic — together.

Compelling group presentations are about trust and flow.

Whether your goal is to impress shareholders, clients, funders/donors, or potential partners, delivering dynamite group presentations is a surefire way to make a lasting impression.

Ink Blotter is here to help you tap into your group's full presentation potential. 

  • Understand and work with your group's unique dynamics and individual strengths

  • Develop transformative group storytelling skills

  • Learn and practice individual and group public-speaking skills

  • Craft structured, purposeful presentations designed for group delivery

  • Workshop your upcoming presentation and receive actionable next-steps feedback tailored to your timeline

Conference Crowd

Group excellence is a superpower.

Who you are:

  • An executive team sharing your organization's vision for shareholders and potential partners

  • A creative team pitching a new client or developing client presentation skills

  • A research team seeking to communicate clearly with non-specialists

  • Industry professionals collaborating in thought leadership  

What you need:

  • To feel aligned and confident when presenting together 

  • To create an impact through strong delivery skills

  • To build stronger relationships and authentic connection with consistent messaging and clear takeaways

What we can work on:

  • Presentation content & core message development

  • Impact Storytelling for groups and teams

  • Clearly defined roles and effective transitions 

  • Individual and group delivery techniques

  • Performance development and practices strategies

  • Individual and group body language analysis & dynamic development

From developing your presentation to practicing your delivery skills, Ink Blotter can step in at any stage of your process. 


~ Please reach out to explore options and pricing based on your team's specific goals.

Looking for more support?

Ink Blotter also offers...

Public-speaking and presentation workshops

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