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Happy Clients

Happy clients and great work. That's what matters!

Elena K. Abbott, Ph.D., has worked with international non-profits, fiction and non-fiction writers, scholars and graduate students, academic departments, entrepreneurs, doctors, actors, engineers, and more! 

Here's what just a few happy clients have had to say...

"Elena’s sharp editing was essential to the success of our team’s lengthy and esoteric report. She has the requisite attention to detail and thorough grammatical fluency for complicated editing assignments such as this one. I would work with her again without hesitation."

~Andrew Harmon

Associate Director of Communications, The Nature Conservancy

"My team in Washington, D.C. undertakes in-depth research on peacekeeping operations and translates the findings into reports for high-level policy- and decision-makers around the world. Our written products have to be of the highest quality to influence change. Elena Abbott is very professional and detail-oriented, takes time to clarify our needs, does her homework to understand the field and technical language, and is excellent at knowing when to reach out to clarify something mid-project. She has helped us to improve the quality of our reports even under extremely tight deadlines."

-Alison Giffen 

Director of Peacekeeping, Center for Civilians in Conflict

(Washington, DC)

"Elena is a joy to work with and hands down the best professional I've hired to support my business thus far across the board. She asked the right questions to get to the bottom of my creative spirit with care and thoughtfulness. Following that, she edited both my book and enhanced my brand voice in a way I could have never accomplished on my own. She's truly invaluable and I've already referred her to others!"


-Kristyn Ivey 

Founder of For the Love of Tidy and best-selling author of The Tidy Home Joy Journal + Action Pack

(Chicago, IL)

""Elena was exceedingly helpful as an editor in the final stages of my book publishing. Her work was incredibly timely, polished, and skillful. She worked with me through very frustrating technological circumstances and provided me with unmatched support, technical advice, and professional guidance. She was readily available to me to answer any questions or work through concerns.


In short, Elena gave me the tools not only to complete an important project, but also guided me to feel more confident and proud of the book manuscript in the end."


-Crystal Webster,

Beyond the Boundaries of Childhood: African American Children in the Antebellum North 

(University of North Carolina Press, 2021)


"Elena helped me complete my first fantasy novel within a year. She was my writing coach on Zoom, once a week, and it was incredible to work with her!

She is one of these rare individuals who is gifted in the right and left brain and can move back and forth between details and depth. Helping guide an author through the specifics of novel writing, while also plunging into the deeper philosophical aspects. Shining light on where the story could use more heart, or where the plot seems to be a little wobbly.

I will miss meeting with Elena every week. Her manner of relating and interacting is so incredibly kind. She listens intently and gives amazing, easy to understand,
feedback. She is enthusiastic, genuine, full of heart, and has a great sense of humor.
Thanks Elena!"

-Jacqueline Hill, author, The Adventures of Neila Flynn

"Thank you truly for this careful, thoughtful, and smart reading! You are an incredible editor and it’s rare to have someone who is so far out of field get it so completely.


All I can say is: wow, and thank you again!"

~Professor Jane Garrity, University of Colorado, Boulder

"Elena was incredibly helpful and informative during the editing process. Her willingness to understand my project’s concept, requirements, and target audience made it so enjoyable to work together to improve the final product. She brings an exceptional blend of writing expertise and a historian's background, which significantly elevated the end result. I was thoroughly pleased with how seamless and efficient the process was while working together. I highly recommend working with Elena on any of your editing needs."

-Alex Strazzanti

Strazzanti Photography & Art


"Wow, thank you so, so very much - this is all truly just incredible!


Your insights, questions, and analysis uncovered the argument and its stakes with a clarity and vigor that has escaped me for years! Honestly, thank you so much. I am immensely grateful."


-Associate Professor at an Ivy League Institution

“Elena helped us build a powerful brand for our female focused, financial planning and wealth management firm. Elena has a remarkable ability to get to the core of your firm’s values and vision so that you can connect with your target audience. She has helped us to build our community of women investors while incorporating the brand messaging throughout our entire organization. I highly recommend Elena to anyone who is looking to strengthen their brand messaging with a high-quality writer.”

-Alicia Singer, Singer Wealth Management (Seattle, WA)

"Every writer needs light to guide them, to show them what they don't see but must in order to get the most out of their manuscript. Elena Abbott is the best kind of light imaginable—she illuminates strengths and improvement areas with clarity, good humor, and the perfect blend of kindness and firm resolve that uplifts the writing process instead of tearing it down in the name of 'critique.' Elena helped me see key areas that needed improvement and clarification, all while showing me how to build on the strengths of my particular writing style. Elena felt like a collaborative force, a partner in the process, and even a fan of my work. She gave me the boost and the information I needed to take my writing—and my confidence—to the next level."

-JD Wyneken,

Author, Historian

"When I first came to Elena, I was embarrassed by my website. It lacked purpose, direction, and certainly wasn’t conveying the message I wanted it to. Not only did Elena help me hone my message for ideal clients, she helped me understand SEO and how the words we use on our website really do matter! I left with very clear and actionable steps. I can’t recommend Elena’s Website Intensive enough. What a game-changer and I’m already seeing results in my Google search rankings!"

-Catherine Dickson

Rise Holistic Health

"It was an absolute delight to work with Elena. Her energy, enthusiasm, compassion and talents with words resulted in a session that far exceeded my expectations. Elena has a gift for genuinely connecting with people. I felt so powerfully understood and supported in unearthing the words that capture the passion and purpose of the work I’ve set out to do... if you have struggled in any way to articulate your own vision or mission- Elena’s the one to work with!"


-Jena Sharma,

Chief Inspiration Officer,

(Vancouver, British Columbia)

"Elena is amazing! Our session together was full of tears, laughter and careful crafting of my brand messaging. I am so happy I got the chance to have such an amazing experience with her. If you are a business owner looking to fine tune your voice to the world I highly recommend Elena. She took the words from my heart and carefully crafted them to a clear message that would resonate with my ideal client."

—Shayla Platt,

Hamilton Realty Advisors

 (Tallahassee, FL)

"Most of the time, we don’t get to know about the return on investment. But in this case, I was referred some clients, and they mentioned they had visited my website. Independently of one another, they both zeroed in on the words that Elena had crafted about how I “love to win” and how this attribute helps buyers. It was the most clear and direct result of Elena’s work giving me actual clients. You can’t get any better return on investment than that!"


-Jennifer Nelson

Owner/Managing Broker,
Metropolist Real Estate

"Elena is a skilled editor and writing coach. Working with her was easy and so enjoyable, from online scheduling, to content discussion and strategy, to editing and refining current projects. I left our very first session feeling more confident and inspired, with actionable tips I can use on my own to create clear, consistent, readable content. I am deeply grateful to have her as a resource!"


-Dr. Sierra Storm

Rise Regenerative Medicine

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