Content Coaching

Extend your reach.

Reach a broader audience.

Establish your expertise.

Share your unique perspective.

Develop new resources for your growing business.

Developing a bold and actionable content strategy is one thing.

Actually producing the content is another.  

Ink Blotter is here to help. 

  • Books/ebooks

  • Journal articles

  • Newsletters

  • Lead generators

  • Blog posts

Life is busy.

Do you need help designing a sustainable, organized approach that will fit into your schedule? 

  • Balance your content goals with your full-time career

  • Streamline the pipeline from development to done

  • Make the most of your writing time with an effective game plan 

Follow-through is key.

Do you need accountability, structure, and support to ensure you produce high-quality content?

  • Write efficiently with accountability and guidance

  • Learn useable strategies to overcome resistance

  • Receive regular feedback to improve your writing skills

Whether it's a one-time session to get you "unstuck" or an ongoing partnership, Ink Blotter's Elena K. Abbott offers professional guidance to help you complete your project — at any stage of the process.

"Elena is a skilled editor and writing coach. Working with her was easy and so enjoyable, from online scheduling, to content discussion and strategy, to editing and refining current projects. I left our session feeling more confident and inspired, with actionable tips I can use on my own to create clear, consistent, readable content. I am deeply grateful to have her as a resource!" 

—Dr. Sierra Storm, N.D., Rise Regenerative Medicine

Content Coaching Options

Let's focus on your work, your process, and your goals.

Elena meets you where you are and helps you move forward.

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions

For ongoing help across the finish line. We'll brainstorm, problem solve, and craft... with accountability and efficiency​

  • Individual “breakthrough” sessions

For helping you get started, establish a writing schedule to enact on your own, or strategize as the need arises

What you'll get:

  • A writing professional dedicated to helping you reach your audience

  • Feedback on up to 5 double-spaced pages read in advance

  • A recap e-mail after each session with specific “next steps”

Get started with a FREE 20-min. consultation.

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