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Help Your Story Flow: Writing as a Practice

Woman writing on a laptop in bed

This week, I had the opportunity to share a guest post on writing over at The Journal, from Pursuit Concierge.

I've dished some great advice on why it's important to establish a consistent writing practice, and I'm excited to share it with all of you.

Click here to check it out >>

While we all know that practice is the best (the only!) way to learn and master craft, we don't always talk about the mental fortitude that practice builds. By committing to a time that you will show up and then staying present for that time no matter how difficult it feels, you are laying an important foundation for the mental effort that writing demands.

Some days it will feel really, really hard. But by sticking with your practice, it will become easier to find days of productivity, satisfaction, and joy in your writing. Don't wait for inspiration! Don't wait to feel like writing! Commit to writing, NOW!

Ready to write, but need a hand?

Reach out! I work with clients across the United States. If you’re ready to tackle your writing practice through one-on-one coaching, I’m currently accepting new clients.

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