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Professional Help for Your Professional Blog: Editor vs. Copywriter

It's time to start blogging. (Again.)

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We all know the drill. We’ve been told that blogging can give our business a boost:

  • Producing fresh content on a regular basis improves our Google search results.

  • Publishing informative and engaging posts bolsters our credibility as leaders in our chosen fields.

But for many business professionals, it’s difficult to make blogging a sustainable practice. The Internet is filled with great websites representing awesome people and businesses. But so many of them have a sad “Blog” area lying abandoned somewhere on the site. A space that was designed for regular posts but instead only has three or four, all published over a two-month period more than a year ago.

Sound familiar?

Abandoned blogs are a living testament to a failed blogging practice. And it’s understandable. There are many common hang-ups preventing gifted individuals with a lot to say from actually saying it on their blog:

No time to blog (Ink Blotter Blog Editing)
  • Lack of time

  • Difficulty identifying relevant topics

  • Rusty writing skills

  • Lack of confidence

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Professional editors and skilled copywriters offer important services to help you out.

But who does it make sense to call?

To explore which professional is right for you and your blogging needs, it’s important to know how their services and expertise differ.

Editors work to hone and perfect the text that you have already drafted. This isn’t just about dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Skilled editors work with your text to make sure that it is dynamic, error free, and (most importantly) still written in your voice.

Copywriters remove you from the initial drafting phase. They take your raw ideas and write your blog posts for you.

How do these differences affect the time you spend on each blog post?

At first glance, it might seem like copywriting is the hands-down winner when it comes to saving time for busy professionals. But don’t be fooled! You will be involved in the process whichever professional you choose to work with. So it is important to understand how your time is spent.

With a professional copywriter, you will spend time helping them understand the blog topic, as well as whatever it is you want the reader to understand about it and you. Once the copywriter has drafted your blog post, you will also spend time reviewing it and providing feedback as needed.

When copywriters make a good fit:

  • You would rather have someone else produce the original content.

  • Your top priority is spending as little time as possible on the blogging endeavor.

What to keep in mind: If your topic requires your in-depth knowledge and expertise, or you are very invested in the content reflecting your voice, you might find yourself spending extra time on the back end working with the copywriter to make their initial draft align with what you envision.

With a professional editor, your time will be spent on the front end because it will be you drafting the initial copy of your blog. But once you have written a draft, your editor can take it from there.

When editors make a good fit:

  • You are invested in having your unique voice reflected throughout the text.

  • You enjoy the act of writing and engaging with your readers, but struggle with some of the mechanics (structure, grammar, producing dynamic prose, etc).

Important benefit: Many business people feel ownership and pride in the final written product when it grows from something they produced themselves.

So which is right for you?

It depends on the project and how you want to invest your time. While a person might value the copywriter’s expertise in their website copy, for example, they may find that working with an editor is a better fit for blog communications. Or vice versa! It’s important to take stock of your own time, working habits, and goals. Both professionals will be able to substantially ease the process of blog writing so that it frees up your time, causes less frustration, and ultimately feels more sustainable as part of your busy life.

Check out the Blogger’s Boost Subscription Deal and explore whether working with Ink Blotter is a good fit for you. Ink Blotter will tackle your text on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, and will work with you right from the outset to develop strategies and goals to make your blogging practice sustainable and rewarding.

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