Historical Consultation & Research

Need a Doctor?

With a Ph.D. in history, Ink Blotter's Elena Abbott uses her professional research skills and historical knowledge to assist clients with diverse needs. Tailoring this service to your individual project, goals, and timeline, Ink Blotter works with you to get the information you need.

Historical Information

Writing a new work of fiction and need historically accurate information on a time period or particular topic? Hoping your website can share background information about the history of your product or service? Did you find a cache of your great-grandparents' letters in your attic and want to know more about the world they lived in? Ink Blotter will work with you to assess the scope and depth of your project and deliver the information you need.

Historical Consultation

Are you designing a new course on a topic of historical interest, writing a lecture for a classroom or special interest audience, or launching a new exhibition that could use the services and guidance of a professional historian? Ink Blotter's Elena Abbott, Ph.D., is an award-winning teacher with consultation experience at both the k-12 and higher education levels.

Archival Research​​

Did you recently move your business into a cool old building or neighborhood? Ink Blotter can track down available historical information about your new space, discover if there are images of its past, and write informational plaques to hang around the office.

Is your company ready for a "corporate history"? Invite Ink Blotter into your company's archives to design, research, and write its official biography.    

 [Note: need to go national? Ink Blotter is based in Seattle, WA, but maintains a professional network with trained historians in Washington, DC to help meet your research needs in the National Archives, Library of Congress, etc.]

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Ink Blotter looks forward to working with you to meet all your unique research and historical consultation needs. Contact Ink Blotter today!

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