Developmental Reviews

The critical eye of a compassionate editor is a writer’s best friend.

Ink Blotter's Developmental Reviews look at the "big picture" elements of your writing to ensure that everything is working — and working well.

When you're ready for clear feedback and solutions-oriented "next steps"
for your revision process...

Manuscript Review

Is it time to determine if your manuscript is coming together and identify a clear action plan for your revision process?

An Ink Blotter speciality, Elena K. Abbott's manuscript reviews combine comprehensive editorial feedback with clear, detailed guidance to assist you through an effective and efficient revision process. 


  • Plot & characterization

  • Setting & world-building

  • Themes & structure

  • Style, prose, & pacing


  • Structure & format

  • Style & tone

  • Consistency & clarity

  • Pacing & prose

What you get:

  • A detailed editorial letter (12–20 single-spaced pages) offering a professional assessment of your big picture elements and clear guidance for revision.

  • A 1-hr follow-up session (phone, Skype, or in-person) to discuss your feedback.

Cost: $0.03–$0.04 per word

Section Review

Whether you're stuck midway in your writing process or want to proceed more slowly through your manuscript revision, section reviews provide a close look at the chapter or section you need reviewed right now.

How do you prefer your feedback?

  • Face to face in an interactive coaching session?

  • On your own through a detailed editorial letter? 

Ink Blotter's Elena K. Abbott offers detailed reflection and guidance in the way that works for you and gets you going.

Cost: Depends on our approach.

Creating Your Hook

First 15-page Review

The first few pages of a book are your opportunity to "hook" your audience. They pique your reader's curiosity and ensure that they stay with you, page after page.


This interactive review of your first 15 pages makes sure that you introduce a book that your reader can't wait to get more of.


If you are ready to receive detailed feedback on your first 15 pages, this intensive coaching review is for you.

What you get:

  • A 1-hr coaching intensive

  • A "next steps" e-mail to get you going

Cost: $200

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